Whether by paintbrush or etching press, color is what usually speaks to me first.  I create using a variety of media including acrylics, oils, canvas, papers, collage, ephemera, and press.  What makes me passionate about each piece on which I work are the immediacy of my personal feelings, the colors and the textures.  If something moves me, be it personal experience or something in my environment, I go for it.

My artwork is about mixing ideas, images and media to produce the unexpected.  My works explore and combine abstraction and representation, sometimes within the same piece.  I trust my impulses and instincts to create vivid ranges and imagery.

In the process of experimentation and unknown possibilites, one image generates another.  I usually begin with a general direction of where I want the piece to go but seldom do I know where the process will lead me.



A Los Angeles based artist, Andrea Kichaven studied fine arts and advertising graphics at UCLA, CSUN, George Washington University / Corcoran Gallery, and Art Center School of Design. Before turning her energies fully to painting and printmaking, she worked in advertising and graphic design, event planning and courtroom graphics. 

In recent years, Kichaven has had the honor to study with Michael McCabe, Ron Pokrasso, Linda Taylor, and Franklyn Liegel.  Kichaven has exhibited in shows in the Los Angeles area including TAG Gallery, Schomburg Gallery, Arena 1 Gallery, Gallery 825, The Whole 9 Gallery, and the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery. 



TAG Gallery

Women Painters West

Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825





Self Portrait: Untitled  , Acrylic, 36" x 36"                                                      

Self Portrait: Untitled, Acrylic, 36" x 36"